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Our sponsors are vital to our existence.  There are many expenses involved in any successful, non-profit organization.  Sponsorships aid in the cost of rehearsal and performance spaces, music, instrumentalists, and administrative expenses. 

Thank You

2019 Season  Sponsors

Classic Level
Pam and Bob Cochrane
Marci Cruce
Kathy and Mike Monier

Romantic Level
Steve Banner
David and Amy Cochrane
Jim and Mendi Cochrane
Elsie Hally
Sonya Hood
Elizabeth Johnson Pence
Celeste A. Zapata

Friend Level

Charlotte Kroeker

Danielle Markham

Lu Anne Tyson

Kelli Thomerson

Joan Wall

Marsha Zulkey
Jim Williams

John and Helen Richmond

Dolores Lukach

Dorenda Green

Sponsor The Chorale